What is NL|ES?

Normal Library | Extraordinary Stories is a project created by the Normal Public Library in an effort to gather stories of impact from the community. We are seeking our deepest roots and highest branches. We want to hear from people about the library’s impact upon them as individuals, as a family, or as an organization. These singular stories will eventually coalesce into the library’s legacy—providing us with a living document that demonstrates how the library has changed lives and helped to form the community we are so proud of.

Why gather Extraordinary Stories?

Normal Library | Extraordinary Stories will allow Bloomington-Normal residents to reconnect with what they cherish about the library—and allow these elements to form the foundation of the new library being constructed. We also hope these stories will bring a disparate set of residents together and unite them in their love of NPL.

Who Can Participate?

Anyone who has visited or been connected to the Normal Public Library is invited to share their experience with us.

Why now?

Although the construction of the new library is a few years away, we understand that many people have cherished memories of our current building. We hope that this project will allow all patrons, volunteers, staff, and board members the opportunity to remember and share their favorite moments here.